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What is Polyamory?

Polyamory is a sentimental life option consisting of maintaining a stable love relationship simultaneously with several people, and with full honesty, sincerity, knowledge and consent of all of them. We talk about relationships, emotional, emotional connections and true stable relationships, not just sex. Polyamory is an option as respectable as monogamy, and a life option increasingly adopted by millions of people around the world. If you feel that monogamy is not the ideal state that satisfies all your emotional needs and you consider yourself prepared to start a polyamorous relationship with 2 or more people … we welcome you to!
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Why Poliamoris?

Poliamoris was born with the purpose of connecting all those people who chooses Polyamory as life style.

Conventional dating portals tend to complicate the process for polyamorous people, since many people do not share this philosophy of life when the time to explain what polyamory is come. And the easy sex sites... too cold and impersonal on many occasions.

In Poliamoris you can meet polyamorous people of all levels, free couples, and people who are in the stage of looking for a partner with affection, but without exclusivity, and with the freedom to date other people. The people you meet in Poliamoris and understand, respect and share this sincere, affectionate, adult and responsible lifestyle.

Main Features

Private messages and notifications in real time. Send private photos from the same app.
Only real profiles: 100% of the profiles are verified by a team of moderators. System to report and block contents and users.
Public and Private photo gallery: give access to your photos only to whoever you want!
Video calls and audio calls without time limits from the same app and web.
Polyamorous Carousel: View Profiles, Swipe and Find Your Polyamorous Crush
Polyamory Club: 3D virtual polyamorous club with different rooms where you can meet and socialize with polyamorous people from all over the world.
Virtual social games - meet polyamorous people in an original and fun way.
Help Team: you have at your disposal our help team 365 days a day for any questions during your experience at Poliamoris.

Success Poly Stories

Ángela G.
Finally an polyamory app for polyamorous people! It's great to be able to meet, share and talk with people who live and feel polyamory like me! I like that you can have your gallery of public photos, private photos, and to be able to make video calls and know a little each other before giving my personal number.
Carlos T.
I have always used dating apps to meet new people and have nice dates in order to establish new relations, but it ended up causing misunderstandings and being frustrating for both parties when, when in the date, the topic of polyamory came up with people who only idealized and sought monogamous ties. In Poliamoris I have met people who know what polyamory is and are also looking for a polyamorous relationship.
Luna y Miguel
We decided to open up our relationship and try for ourselves to introduce a third person. Before we tried other apps, but they were only aimed at the most morbid and sexual part and we did not feel comfortable. Here we have met very nice, respectful and pleasant people. We have made good friends who share polyamory and this way of life, and very happy with Sarah, the third member of our newly als lovely thruple!

Poliamoris Virtual Club

The Poliamoris Virtual Club is an attractive 3D virtual space accessible from computers and mobiles, which you can visit and where you can meet other polyamorous people, make appointments between three thinking about a possible thruple, meet as a group in the different rooms, such as the Attic, the Main Hall, the Ship or the Asteroid ... You will be able to personalize your Avatar and interact and meet other people in a virtual meta-space at your disposal.

You can also meet people who live polyamory in an original and fun way through our virtual social games, such as chess, checkers, 4 in line ... and even space races and a virtual maze!

Through Virtual Dating you can have a private 3D appointment anywhere in the world you want, such as the Eiffel Tower, next to the Pyramids of Egypt, and even in the depths of the ocean!