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Polyamory is a sentimental life option consisting of maintaining a stable love relationship simultaneously with several people, and with full honesty, sincerity, knowledge and consent of all of them.

We talk about relationships, emotional, emotional connections and true stable relationships, not just sex. Polyamory is an option as respectable as monogamy, and a life option increasingly adopted by millions of people around the world.

If you feel that monogamy is not the ideal state that satisfies all your emotional needs and you consider yourself prepared to start a polyamorous relationship with 2 or more people … we welcome you to!

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Poliamoris was born with the purpose of connecting all those people who make polyamory their chosen life option..

Conventional dating sites often complicate the process for polyamorous people, since many people do not share this philosophy of life when it comes to explaining what polyamory is. And casual sex portals… too cold and impersonal on many occasions.

In Poliamoris you can meet polyamorous people of all levels, and people who are in the stage of looking for a partner with affections, but without ties and with the freedom to go out with other people, and understand, share and respect this sincere lifestyle , affective, adult and responsible.