Meet People Safely

Meeting new people online can be somewhat insecure for many people because they do not know who is really hiding behind the other screen. In order to put an end to this claim, dating sites increasingly establish more mechanisms that increase the safety of users, for those who really want to use them as a way to meet people.

Plus the initiatives of the dating sites or apps, the caution of the users themselves must be added. Among the measures that can be taken to meet new people, it is important to take into account several aspects:

  • Whenever a harmful activity by a user is suspected, it will have to be reported to the dating page so that it takes it into account and warns it if necessary. This work will not only make us feel more secure, but also improve the overall activity of the page, also protecting other users. If you detect any malicious, inappropriate or suspicious behavior of a user, do not hesitate to send us a report by clicking on “Report” on their profile, or on the “Help” lin
  • After several conversations with the same person, it is possible that the possibility of meeting in person and getting to know each other more thoroughly appears. Before taking this step, it is advisable to have had video calls with that person to verify that they correspond to the identity presented. The use of photos can be a cover to hide your true identity, but today, with the rise of video calls, it is very easy to turn to live video to see who the other person really is.
  • Doubting before contradictory information. After several dialogues on different days, you may see inconsistencies in the testimonials of the other user. Lies can be detected in relation to the place where you work and live, studies or hobbies that are too flashy …
  • If you do not fully trust, after receiving several tests, the identity of the other person, it will be better not to provide your own data such as full name, own number or specific address. Wait a reasonable amount of time before taking that step.
  • Avoid giving information related to money. In no case should financial or economic data be given to a person who is not known. In addition, if another user brings up these economic issues too early, you should think that she is promoting a scam in which to earn a certain amount of money.
  • E-mail should also be avoided. We must be wary of profiles that continually ask for this information because what they are looking for is to add to the romance-scam list. This term encompasses a type of love fraud that uses this information to access a large amount of user information provided by email. They will be able to access the numerous accounts created on different pages with that email, tax and economic information … and much more until the fraud is complete.
  • We must doubt profiles that from the first moment ask for too personal photos or videos, these are users who seek to have intimate images. In reality, when sending these types of files we do not know what other people will do with them, and can even publish them on the network without any problem, making them public without any type of consent as they will be in their possession.
  • Make it clear from the first moment the type of relationship you are looking for. Today some users are looking for something with a single person, others want polyamory or another type of relationship. Knowing how to transmit what you want and knowing, as far as possible, the claims of the other person will be essential.

Dating Online

A very important step when meeting people online is setting up the first date in person. When setting up this in-person meeting, there are several factors to consider.

The best thing is that the place of the appointment is a neutral place, that is to say, that is not at home of either of the two parties. For example, you can choose a restaurant, a cafe, a park or any other place. It will be appropriate if there are more people, even if they have nothing to do with the appointment, but the fact that we are in a totally solitary environment can cause security to be lost.

It is also recommended to notify a trusted person that you are going to stay with an acquaintance online. Thus, at the least risk that the other person may notice, they will try to help so that nothing happens.

Lastly, and most importantly, don’t feel pressured to meet up in person. As much as the user insists on online dating, it will not be necessary to do so until it is completely sure. The desire to meet in person can be much more negative than we think, it will be better to go slowly, step by step, and do not rush.