Welcome to the Poliamoris blog! We hope you are enjoying this great site for polyamory and liberal relationships of all kinds. Today, why don’t we talk about one of the types of relationships that can happen in the liberal world? Yes, we are talking about throuples.


We will see all this and much more today and, if you have any more doubts about it, if you have had this type of relationship or whatever, do not hesitate to comment, that’s what this site is for, in addition to interacting with others like us and learning more about this world that we are passionate about.

And who knows, surely more than one couple or single person wants to get into a relationship of this type this year that we have started… Because where there’s room for two, there’s room for three (or more).


We call throuple a polyamory relationship between three people. And we are not talking about sexual threesomes, but about stable polyamory relationships (or those that last for a while) between a couple and a third person.

Unlike threesomes, here we are not talking about an open or sporadic relationship where you only stay to have sex. Throuples are a balanced, consensual, and committed relationship between three people.

However, there are cases in which the third person or unicorn can decide to be with a partner, but in a non-exclusive or open way. This will have to be agreed beforehand so that there are no misunderstandings in the future.

polyamory throuple


Well, it doesn’t matter whether it is two women and a man or two men and a woman or three men or three women. All of the above are possible and nothing is better or worse. The important thing is that, as in everything in the polyamorous and liberal world, we have agreed beforehand with the other members of the throuple and we are sincere about our intentions and feelings.

We will also have to keep in mind if the members of the throuple will interact with each other all at the same time (bisexual) or it will be a throuple with heterosexual members and other bisexuals. Because it is not the same for two men to be bisexual than heterosexual (to give an example).

As with couples, you start by getting to know the other single or unicorn member and becoming intimate with him or her. Later, if love arises, the three of you can choose to be together and close the three partnership or throuple. Or it may be the case that the single person wants to have a life outside the throuple or that both the couple and the single person want to have other relationships, prioritizing the throuple (hierarchical polyamory).

First of all, you should be very specific about what you want, both sexually and emotionally. Some people enjoy having sex together and others prefer to have sex two by two. It is important to make that clear from the start. As well as kissing, activities together, etc. If you are one of those who like to keep everything as it was with your partner, you may just want to add someone else to be on your own with that third person. And, of course, your partner would also do the same for him or her. These are possibilities that may exist.

If being with another person the feelings are complex, imagine being with three.. The best thing is that from the beginning or from the moment you think it is convenient, you communicate to the rest that for you it is something long term or something to try for a while. Nothing should be taken for granted. It is also possible that after having tried a throuple, your feelings may change and you may want to go back to being two. Your partner may not like that and there may be problems. That is why there should always be dialogue and sincerity on all sides.

polyamorous throuple


Sometimes you are fine with your partner for years, but there is something that he or she cannot give you for whatever reason. You love him or her, but for whatever reason, he or she can’t give you what you want beyond a partner. And maybe you don’t want an open relationship, just someone else to complement you both. That’s where that third person comes in. And as a single person, you may also find that you like both people in a couple equally (or one more than the other) and you want to feel loved by both. Because love should circulate between the three people and not be divided and be more intense between two of the three members of the throuple. If we include a third person we should be able to love them equally.

This third person can act as a mediator when there are conflicts between the couple and act as a support in all those daily and sexual issues that the couple does not know how to manage on their own or lacks someone to do it better (also raising children). It is about complementing and improving what you already have. Because just like when you are single, if you start a relationship with someone it is to be better, otherwise it is better to be alone. It’s the same here, if you start a throuple it is to improve the relationship and the three of you are well, adopting the advantages of being three people in the same relationship.

If all three members of the throuple have the same interests, values and ideals, it can be a great experience. But before you bring a third person into your relationship, make sure you are okay with your partner or if you are a single person, make sure you are okay with yourself.

That’s all for today, we hope all this information has been useful. If you want to start a throuple project, don’t hesitate to register in Poliamoris.com, an ideal platform to meet people with the same common interest in polyamory.

Lots of polyamory hugs and kisses to all of you! See you next time!