Associations and Professionals

Poliamoris is a dating website and app dedicated to people who choose an option other than monogamy, forms of free love and love without exclusivity. Polyamory is not a polyamory association, group, or collective. Poliamoris is a platform developed by a multidisciplinary team as an alternative to the classic portals to find a partner.

If you are looking for a polyamory association, there are serious associations all over the world with kind and expert people, specialized psychologists and sexologists, and different specialized counseling services if you require it. We encourage you to carry out a search in your favorite local search engine to find the one closest to your locality.

If you belong to an association, collective, polyamory group, you are a professional interested in having a corporate presence on Poliamoris, or if you want to propose a collaboration, you can write to us at

Poliamoris offers its polyamory dating affiliate program to webmasters and influencers interested in monetizing their content and digital presence, and to associations and groups of polyamory and non-monogamies that seek to maintain and cover the expenses of their association. You can register on the affiliate platform here.