In recent times we are attending the great boom of sexual, affective and relational education. Entering any social network and finding advices, benefits, curiosities, and some interesting information is already a fact of life.. Social networks in their educational and informative work, complement the (little) we learnt at school about this subject, but be careful! Not everything that is posted on social networks is truthful information, there is much more opinion than we imagine, and of course, speculating about what we do not know, has become our way of life.

Talking about the relationship of any person, whether they are in our environment or not, whether we know the relationship in depth or not (in fact, we can never really know a relationship in depth if we are not one of the protagonists in it), is our passion. Criticising the way they treat each other, whether they kiss each other more or less… We are critical by nature and we love not understanding that people are different and that each relationship is a world apart. If this happens when we talk about monogamous relationships, what will we not think of polyamory relationships?…

Those of us who are in or have been in monogamous relationships find it hard to think about having a relationship with several people at the same time, and on many occasions we don’t even stop to understand why there are people who do accept this form of relationship in their lives. This is the origin of a series of thoughts and opinions that try to dismiss polyamory as a form of relationship that rather speaks of “vicious” people.



There is a tendency to think that people seek to have multiple relationships because they are not satisfied with one person, and we assume that if we look for other people, it is because none of them covers our needs entirely. This belief is especially based on the fact that in monogamous relationships if one partner has an affair, we presume that he or she is not satisfied with his or her relationship


It is not surprising to find people arguing that having non-monogamous relationships is a consequence of having an allergy to commitment, as there is a tendency to think that if you have several partners at the same time, you have no real commitment to any of them. Precisely, polyamory relationships establish serious and stable agreements, in which communication and empathy between all the parties involved prevail, being on many occasions, much more solid relationships than monogamous ones.

polyamory relationship


We keep hearing the typical comment, where someone affirms that your relationship is not polyamorous because you have a clear favorite among all your affairs. The hierarchisation of non-monogamous relationships is a grand simplification of these, as there are many types and ways of living non-monogamy, and fewer and fewer polyamorous relationships establish one as the main.


Although for many this is a big disadvantage, especially if the children are young and become fond of other partners of the parents (who may later leave the relationship), the truth is that for many adults, it is a great parenting advantage when breeding and children feel much more supported by having several people to go to. In addition, children grow up knowing that tomorrow they can build relationships the way they want to.


Polyamory relationships require a lot of care and attention to several people simultaneously, so more time, love, and energy are needed. People who are in this type of relationship report feeling great because they have multiple experiences filled with a lot of affection and love.

These are 5 of the misconceptions and prejudices about polyamory relationships, that many people who only know and consider monogamy as the only option may still have about polyamory, often due to lack of knowledge.

Fortunately, every day more and more people know what polyamory really represents and choose it as a lifestyle, in an adult, honest, ethical, and affective responsible way.

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